Man Survives 11 Nights On A Brand New Island By Eating Eggs And Squid (Video)

If you have a name like Ian Argus Stuart, you're GOING to spend most of your life doing weird, manly nature stuff like this.

The 65-year-old millionaire and “voluntary castaway” spent 11 nights alone on a piece of land alongside Hunga Tonga. The new island emerged in the middle of the ocean about five months ago after a volcanic eruption.

As if living on a mystery piece of land wasn't challenging enough, Ian Argus Stuart (the only way to say his name properly is by saying all of it) gave himself limited supplies to make the experiment that much harder.

During his time there, he lived off a combination of squid, seagull eggs and just being a total badass.

Honestly, if your parents named you Ian Argus Stuart, you were pretty much destined to become a guy who lives large chunks of his life living on islands he just randomly found.

Homer Bailey was going to become a baseball player; Usain Bolt was going to become a really fast runner; and Ian Argus Stuart was going to spend his days proving Tom Hanks' character in “Cast Away” was a whiney child.

If you want to pull an Ian Argus Stuart and book a vacation on a remote island, you can plan a trip through the website Docastaway.

Boy or girl, I'm going to name my first child Ian Argus Stuart.

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