Makeup Artist Uses Her Crazy Skills To Transform Herself Into A Dog (Video)

You can achieve some pretty crazy transformations with a little creativity and cosmetics.

If you watch a lot of makeup tutorials, you've probably seen a few YouTube videos from the beauty guru and contouring queen Ilana Makeup Artist.

However, it appears her makeovers are literally going to the dogs. Siberian Huskies, to be more specific.

That's right, you can now take on the appearance of your beloved, furry BFF since Ilana Makeup Artist recently released a new tutorial showing you how to turn yourself into a freakishly realistic-looking dog.

At first glance, her faux-Fido makeover may seem like something straight out of your deepest, darkest nightmares.

But you have to admit, Ilana's makeup skills are pretty doggone amazing because it's almost hard to tell Ilana apart from her blue-eyed, tail-wagging twin.

If you ask me, this look is pretty much perfect for turning heads at the dog park or terrifying your next Tinder date.

Check out the video for a closer look at the Siberian Husky makeover.

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