Makeup Artist Brings Famous Cartoon Characters To Life On Her Face (Photos)

Back in August, we introduced you to makeup artist Laura Jenkinson.

Her talent isn’t just in everyday makeup, but rather, wearable face art.

Using face paint along with traditional cosmetics, Jenkinson paints famed cartoon characters on her lips and around her mouth.

By aligning the characters’ mouths with her own, the London-based artist allows her creations to come to life in a surprising way.

Jenkinson, who boasts 229,000 Instagram followers, updates her social media accounts often with pictures of her most recent designs; since we last wrote, she’s added some truly amazing creations (and a bit more regular makeup artistry, too).

If you missed our coverage last time, you’re in luck: Below, you’ll find the best of the best of Jenkinson’s jaw-dropping designs.

Chuckie (“Rugrats”)

Donkey (“Shrek”)

Carl (“Up”)

Roger Rabbit (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”)

Simba (“The Lion King”)

Smurf (“The Smurfs”)

Tigger (“Winnie The Pooh”)

Angelica (“Rugrats”)

Patrick Star (“SpongeBob SquarePants”)

Pikachu (“Pokémon”)

Sid (“Ice Age”)

Bart Simpson (“The Simpsons”)

Raphael (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”)

Olaf (“Frozen”)

Kermit the Frog (“Sesame Street”)