Watching The Magnetic Activity Of The Sun Is Oddly Soothing

Sometimes, when the world just gets too out of control, I like to sit back and think about how we are all actually just tiny little dots on a bigger dot called Earth, floating through a slightly bigger dot of a galaxy in the wild vastness of space.

Moral of the story: Your nail polish smearing or your favorite shirt ripping, or being late for the bus really, simply, doesn't matter.

It sounds a little bleak, I know, but trust me, space can be oddly soothing.

Take, for example, watching the magnetic activity of the sun.

The sun, as explains, is really just like a giant ocean, ebbing and flowing in a normal pattern, only it's on fire.

Unlike the Earth, the sun is not a solid ball, but closer to fluid. When its "magnetic field lines" get too wound up, they snap (much like humans apparently), causing solar flares that send charged particles around space.

It may sound like an intense experience, but trust us, watching it in action could double as meditation. Just watch the video above and see what we mean and learn more about the sun's magnetic field below.