People Are Losing It Over This Cafe That's Literally Upside Down


We've all seen our fair share of optical illusions that are confusing AF.

Remember when we showed you the baffling illusion Blake Lively posted on her Instagram a while back?

Well, if that brainteasing trick threw you for a loop, you might want to brace yourself because we're about to show you something that will turn your whole world upside down. Literally.

Take a look at The Toppels' House, a home and roadside cafe in Wertheim, Germany:

Apparently, the house and the cafe are owned by a fictitious family, the Toppels, who clearly don't know their ass from their elbow, since they managed to mix up the floor and the ceiling when building these places.

That's right, if you take a peek inside, you'll quickly discover the house and the cafe have an inverted interior, creating a cool, topsy-turvy illusion.

People have been posting pictures on social media, showing themselves walking around on the ceiling as they sip out of upside-down coffee mugs. These gravity-defying selfies will definitely make you do a double take.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at this crazy, upside-down place:

Looking to mix up your morning routine?

You'll be glad to know a new coffee shop just opened up next to The Toppels' House in Wertheim, Germany.

Yep, once you step through the door, you'll suddenly find your entire world has been flipped on its head.

After you adjust to this insane, inverted space...

You can chat up the barista while she prepares your gravity-defying drink...

Snag a seat alongside one of the ceiling lamps...

Answer your emails from an entirely new perspective...

...and sip your coffee from the wrong side of the mug.

If java isn't your thing, don't worry. You can also score an upside-down beer that's guaranteed to make your head spin.

Plus, I should probably mention you don't want to use the bathroom in this place, unless you're someone who's into peeing on your own head.

After you've finished your drinks (and accepted the fact that you've officially lost your mind)...

You can pop over to The Toppels' House next door...

...and have some more topsy-turvy fun by scoping out the inverted interiors of each room.

Talk about coffee that will give you a serious head rush.

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