This YouTube Star Uses Makeup To Look Exactly Like Gigi Hadid

by Kate Ryan

Makeup artist and YouTube guru Aly Art has discovered breakthrough technology to make white girls everywhere look like clones of Gigi Hadid. JK, it's contouring.

But the way Aly Art is able to transform herself is seriously impressive. Her forehead gets smaller, eyebrows raise higher and cheekbones do all kinds of crazy things.

In four minutes, you can watch her go from her naturally gorgeous self to Gigi's selfie-ready, identical twin.

Her tutorial has some serious "Parent Trap" vibes, and the subtitle "How To Trick Zayn" totally suggests you get crafty with your new face. Also, her Russian accent is a complete joy.

So, A+ for you Aly Art on making a video that's both informative and highly entertaining. Be sure to check out some of her other videos where she transforms herself into other mega-stars like Keira Knightly and Kim Kardashian.

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