Your Favorite Childhood Car Is Now The Toy Of Your Adult Dreams

by Kendall Wood

Little Tikes toy cars have been staples of children's playrooms for over 30 years. The signature red "Cozy Coupe" with its yellow top was the perfect set of wheels for a long cruise down the driveway.

Today, in a seemingly boring automotive market, John Bitmead and his brother Geof of Oxfordshire, UK have brought our wildest childhood fantasies to life.

The Toytown Coupé -- a street-legal, motorized version of the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe -- reaches up to 70 mph and can be found on eBay with a price tag of £21,500 ($33,264).

The Bitmead brothers dedicated 1,000 hours to manufacturing the car, which was adapted from a DAEWOO Matiz model.

This is how cool you used to be:

This is how cool you have the potential to be:

Check out the interview with John Bitmead below for more on the conception of the Toytown Coupé and what's next for the UK brothers:

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