This Lipstick Tastes Just Like Jell-O, And It Looks Absolutely Amazing (Photos)

As a kid, Jell-O was one of my favorite snacks.

In fact, I still love this jiggly treat, except now, I just prefer my Jell-O in the form of booze-brimming shots.

But, you know what's even better than using Jell-O to get wavy? Using Jell-O to make yourself look fabulous, of course!

Yep, it turns you can add some of your beloved wiggly snack to your beauty routine since "Jello"-flavored lipstick is now a real thing.

The Korean beauty company Chosungah 22 just launched a new collection, Flavorful Lipstick, which features fruity, transparent lip balms that almost seem like little lipstick tubes of Jell-O.

I know, what a time to be alive.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this new line of lipsticks.

If you thought Lip Smacker was the most delicious thing to ever happen to lip balm flavors... might want to brace yourself.

Your beauty routine is about to get a whole lot tastier because "Jello"-flavored lipstick is now a real thing.

Korean makeup company Chosungah 22 is the creator of the new Flavorful Lipstick line.

The collection features a variety of transparent, fruit-flavored lip balms...

...pretty similar in appearance to that of Jell-O.

The lipsticks are selling for $18 a tube...

And come in a few delicious varieties including Vanilla Berry...

Guava Tint Jello...

Chai Tea...

Golden Peach Tea...

...and Jello Orange.

With flavors like these, your pout is guaranteed to be irresistible.

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