This Tiny Book Is Packed With Your Favorite 'Lil Pleasures' In Life (Photos)

Sometimes, it's the small, simple things that make living in this big, complicated world worth it.

Remember when we showed you that adorable book by Evan Lorenzen that gave you a micro lesson in history?

Well, this talented Denver-based illustrator is hitting the books once again. This time, he's showcasing some of life's tiniest, yet most enjoyable moments.

Fittingly titled "Life's Lil Pleasures," this latest handsewn book in Lorenzen's mini-series measures less than an inch in height and features a variety of incredible illustrations that pack a serious dose of nostalgia within the puny pages.

From balloons and the fresh smell of a recent rainfall, to reliving your childhood memories of riding on the back of a shopping cart, this itty-bitty book is filled with all sorts of feelings and experiences anyone can relate to.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Lorenzen's awesome little book.

Behold, "Life's Lil Pleasures."

This little book features a variety of incredible micro illustrations...

...reflecting on all of the most enjoyable moments in life.

From freeing that annoying food stuck in your teeth...

And listening to the beautiful songs of birds fill the air...

To the simple thought of eating your breakfast out of your worst enemy's skull...

...this memory provoking book has an experience everyone can relate to.

Let's face it, who doesn't love balloons?

This mini-book measures a mere 1-inch-tall...

...but it packs a lot of deep feelings and memories within its little pages.

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