This Incredible Bar Makes You Feel Like You're Inside A Time Machine (Photos)


We're all familiar with modern-age bars and contemporary lounges.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like to booze like people did back in the day?

Well luckily, you no longer have to wonder because Romania's bar scene just got a serious blast from the past.

Enigma Cafe in Cluj-Napoca is the world's first so-called kinetic steampunk bar, and this place basically makes you feel like you stepped out of a time machine and into an eerie bygone era.

The space was designed by The 6th-Sense Interiors and features a stunning steampunk decor studded with all sorts of incredible sculptures and steampunk relics.

Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak are the two creative geniuses who authored the concept of Enigma Cafe, and it's not hard to see these two really outdid themselves.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome steampunk pub.

Behold, Enigma Cafe.

The 6th-Sense Interiors

Designed by The 6th-Sense Interiors, this Romanian bar is the world's first kinetic steampunk pub, and it looks absolutely incredible.

The 6th-Sense Interiors

According to a post by The 6th-Sense Interiors, the cafe features "various details [focused] on labyrinthian imagery."

The 6th-Sense Interiors

Elaborating on the imagery, the post says, "The patterns on the ceiling, multiple industrial boards representing secret entrances to all those possibilities life has reserved for us..."

The 6th-Sense Interiors

"...the key to which are the ultimate choices we make, choices which will either imprison us or set us free."

Inside, you'll find a giant mechanical clock on the wall making you feel like you are actually stuck inside of a moving timepiece...

The 6th-Sense Interiors

...and a bar constructed to look like an elevator and capable of taking you to parts of the bar representing different eras of time.

The 6th-Sense Interiors

The cafe also features a variety of stunning steampunk sculptures...

The 6th-Sense Interiors

Scattered across every surface of the space (including the ceiling)...

The 6th-Sense Interiors

And brought to life with shocking effects...

The 6th-Sense Interiors

...and mechanical movements.

The 6th-Sense Interiors

If the breathtaking decor isn't enough to blow your mind...

The 6th-Sense Interiors

Enigma also has a variety of interactive shows...

...featuring live actors from different time dimensions.

Check out the video below for a closer look at this badass bar.

Gabriel Rosca on YouTube

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