Kids Can Now Use Medical Marijuana In Colorado Schools Thanks To New Policy

Thanks to a new policy adopted by the Colorado school board this week, kids requiring medical marijuana can now receive doses of cannabis during school hours.

In a unanimous vote, the District 49 Board of Education in Peyton, Colorado, decided to allow cannabis use on campus grounds by passing “Jax's Policy,” named after 16-year-old Jackson “Jax” Stormes. In May of last year, Stormes was suspended for having cannabis oil in his backpack, a medication he uses to treat Juvenile Parkinson's along with an extremely rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome.

His mother, Jennie Stormes, said in a press release,

In 2012, we pretty much ran out of options. We started cannabis, and almost immediately he did better. His seizures were in better control. He was just starting to thrive and do so much better.

According to District 49, prescription medications can now be administered during the school day if taking it before or after school isn't possible. District 49 Board of Education president Marie LaVere-Wright told reporters,

This process began firmly rooted in the cultural values of respect and care for one of our students. [Jax's] struggle to balance his medical need for cannabinoid oil with attending school represented a struggle faced by approximately 40 other students in our district.

While the students are now allowed to take their medication as necessary, that doesn't mean they'll be able to light up. Under the new policy, students will only be allowed to take “non-inhalable” cannabis products including lotions and edibles that can be administered easily and quickly. Of course, the recreational use of marijuana is still off the table for underage students.

Let's just hope the federal government doesn't make a big stink about this progressive new policy. Colorado seems to be riding a wave of common sense that will hopefully sweep the nation.

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