This Kid Isn't Even 2 Years Old, But He's Already Killing The Style Game (Photos)

It's not easy being a voice within the fashion industry. Just ask Man Repeller or Kanye.

But, a 23-month-old dapper little boy named Jacob is giving Kanye a run for his money. Jacob is the son of fashion blogger Shaine Wong, and he's creating quite the buzz.

Just shy of 2 years old, Jacob figured out exactly how to wow his 44,000 Instagram followers with his looks. Yes, he has 44,000 followers, and he's not even in elementary school yet. Don't be mad, though; Jacob can be a useful example on how to step up your street style game!

Now, you're probably thinking Shaine Wong dresses him herself, but believe it or not, little Jacob has a lot of input on his daily outfits.

When Huffington Post asked Wong if her son dresses himself, she revealed,

Yes! He has several pairs of shoes for different occasions and he usually chooses his own shoes to match his outfits.

Impressive, huh?

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

Meet Jacob, the little boy with a huge Instagram following.

Jacob figured out how to impress his followers with just one thing...

His impeccable fashion sense!

Whether he's flying first class...

Playing some tunes...

Or riding around in his shiny new BMW...

...Jacob looks dapper every single time you see him on your Instagram feed.

He even helps edit the photos with his photographer.

The best part? He's never limited to one look; he can go from formal and proper to street and rugged.

Jacob, who is of Malaysian-decent, also shows off his cultured side.

He's probably the most fashionable kid on Instagram, next to Mr. Cory, the cookie boss, of course.

Jacob makes it look really, really easy.

He doesn't just take Instagram photos. He's been in various magazines, too.

We can't help but wonder what his fashion sense will help him accomplish in the coming years.

Oh, and it runs in the family. This is Jacob's cousin.

If you're in need of someone who actually knows how to get dressed in the morning, follow Jacob.

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