KFC Came Up With The Best Way To Make Sure Your Phone Never Dies


I don't care how healthy you are, with KFC's newest (and most genius) promotion, you're about to start craving fried chicken whenever your phone dies.

We now live in a world where you can enjoy an entire KFC meal without having to worry about your dead phone. In fact, it's the meal itself that will save you from your low-battery woes: The chain's new promotion makes charging your iPhone or Android and stuffing your face with fried chicken mutually exclusive. Who knew fast food could be so practical?

The Watt A Box is KFC's newest thing on the menu in select stores in Delhi and Mumbai. With the Watt A Box, you get a meal that comes with a phone cord on the side. Customers can then plug their phones directly into the box.


Right now this promotion is only available if you enter and win a Facebook contest, but let's hope it just becomes a regular thing.

According to those who have tried it, you can't use the box as a charger for long because it starts to deplete after half an hour, but I can think of so many situations where this fast food meal could literally be a lifesaver.

I don't think I've ever entered a KFC (I'm very loyal to Shake Shack), but if the Watt A Box ever came to New York, you can bet I'd become a fried chicken lover.

My phone is perpetually at 22 percent and on several occasions, I've been that girl in a Verizon store only to plug my phone into a wall. Walking into KFC and buying a Watt A Box would be much less embarrassing.

If the KFC contest ever makes it to the US, I'm entering immediately.