You Can Take Your Favorite Drink Anywhere With This iPad-Sized Flask

by Robert Anthony

Looking for a James Bond-style contraption to stash all of your booze in?

Look no further than the StashPad. We came across this unique device that vows to be "the king of all flasks" on Kickstarter.

Everyone's experienced a rough day and wished for a shot of whiskey to magically appear at work.

With the StashPad, you can make that a reality... You know, because no one expects you to have 12-ounces of booze stored in your iPad. That couldn't physically be possible -- but it is.

Oh, and liquor isn't the only thing the StashPad stashes. Consumers will also be able to hide up to four cigars. Now you can get your Gordon Gekko on with little to no effort!

So far, the StashPad raised a little over $6,000 with a crowdfunding goal of $10,000 to be accomplished within the next 19 days.

In other words, you could be drinking when no one's looking very, very soon.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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