This Instagram Makes Fun Of Healthy Eating And It's Too Funny (Photos)

Clean eating isn't for everyone.

Some of us just don't have the strength, focus or time to sit around and count calories all day.

However, an Instagram account called Deliciously Stella makes healthy eating habits look pretty easy to adopt.

The account, which was created by comedian Bella Younger, actually depicts the complete opposite life of a clean eater. The results? I can't stop laughing.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a photo of a McDonald's meal posted on Instagram with the hashtag #EatClean attached to it?

If you're having trouble sticking to the same diet you committed to back in January, this should help!

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

Meet Bella Younger, the creator of the Deliciously Stella Instagram account.

Deliciously Stella is dedicated to making healthy and clean eating choices.

But as you can see, Younger eats every which way BUT clean!

As a matter of fact, most of the posts she tags with #EatClean and #HealthyEating are the exact opposites!

Here's her definition of #EatCleanTrainDirty.

In a sense, she's a bit of a food rebel. Here's what a well-balanced breakfast looks like in her world.

Instead of conforming to the gruesome dieting rules that randomly fell out of the sky one day and started controlling everyone's life, Younger spreads Nutella all over her face.

The results? Simply empowering. Wow, she is so brave!

Not to mention, she's a big fan of gluten!

Sure, she hits the gym sometimes... but not before (or after) stuffing her face with Domino's Pizza.

As a matter of fact, she even works out while she eats, because why not?

Her middle of the day pick-me-up? No, not quinoa and fennel. Say "hello" to marshmallows.

If you're ever looking for grade-A advice on healthy eating, Bella Younger is your gal. Here's a rule she lives by.

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