These Insane Decked-Out Doughnut Creations Almost Look Too Good To Eat

by Anna Menta

I didn't think it was possible to get diabetes from just looking at a picture, but this shop in Australia is trying to make me question that truth.

Doughnut Time in Brisbane, Australia is celebrating its one-year birthday today, and, man, no one knows how to party better than a doughnut shop. The store got 20 professional bakers to come decorate its doughnuts for the birthday celebration.

The results were some of the craziest, coolest doughnuts I ever saw in my life.

Seriously, just look at this delicious madness!!!

Is that a doughnut or a freaking castle???

Can my wedding cake just be a doughnut?

No, really, this is all I need at my wedding.

How 'bout a doughnut burger with a side of cinnamon stick fries?

S'mores? Never heard of them. Only doughnuts.

This is the most goddamn magical doughnut I've ever seen. This is what unicorns eat, probably.

Um, yes please, I will take seven of these.


*Passes out and dreams of doughnuts*

Happy birthday, Doughnut Time! Maybe for your next birthday, you could bring some of these delicious creations to the States for me to eat.

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