These Illustrations Perfectly Show How F*cked Up Our Society Really Is

Be prepared: This is going to mess with your mind.

In his latest project, Spanish artist Luis Quiles set out to reveal the uglier side of our society through a variety of images that combine current affairs with pop culture.

In the series, Quiles takes his artistic talents to the extreme as he challenges a wide range of controversial issues ranging from homophobia, censorship and corruption to sexism, violence and even child abuse.

He conveys a powerful message through his artwork that calls upon strong instinctual human emotions, such as fear, disgust and arousal.

While his artwork may, at times, seem a bit unsettling, his images make you question the darker side of the human mind, as they capture the raw discerning truths often overlooked in our modern world.

Take a look at the images below to see Quiles' powerful visual series.

The force-feeding of cheap, fast food

Not being able to voice your opinion without consequences Religion's help with poverty and starvation The power of a woman Gender stereotypes Generation-Y or "Generation Notification" The effects of war The puppeteering of the youth in war-torn countries The power of the dollar The money sharks in finance The social media craze The unfortunate existence of homophobia The overbearing monetization of professional athletes The prescription drug craze The backpack activist The debate over sexuality and religion

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