If Shopping At IKEA Doesn't Ruin Your Day, Its New Black Hot Dog Will

If the simple thought of going to IKEA for some cheap furniture and gross Swedish meatballs is enough to make you cringe, you might want to look away.

It turns out that IKEA in Japan just added a new snack to its menu and it's absolutely terrifying, to say the least.

It's called the "Ninja Dog," and I'm not sure if the name of this hot dog comes from its pitch black appearance or the fact that this thing might actually be trying to kill you like a real-life ninja.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Japan has dabbled in the business of some dark, shadowy snacks.

A while back, Burger King in Japan was testing out some black bun burgers made with squid ink. Thankfully, these onyx hot dogs don't contain any mysterious squid secretions.

Instead, IKEA is using edible bamboo charcoal to give their dogs a distinct, midnight black color.

If there's one thing we can learn from this freaky frankenfood, it's that some foods have absolutely no business trying to be as black as your soul.

Check out the pictures below to see these horrifying black hot dogs:

If you happen to love hot dogs, you might want to brace yourself.

IKEA in Japan just put a shadowy spin on your favorite snack...

By creating a pitch black "Ninja Dog..."

...that is pretty much guaranteed to haunt your dreams.

So, what exactly gives this freakishly-long frankenfood its ominous color?

Apparently, both the hot dog and bun get their profound pigmentation from edible bamboo charcoal.

If you're brave enough to bite into one of these humongous black hot dogs, you can score these scary snacks at IKEA stores in Japan for 300 yen (or about $2.95).

I think I'll stick to my normal colored hot dogs for now.

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