This Australian Dude Eats The Most Insane Burgers Known To Mankind (Photos)

When it comes to showing off some seriously impressive eats, Australia tends to take food porn to new extremes.

Remember when we showed you those crazy milkshakes decked out in towers of treats?

Well, those dreamy, over-the-top shakes aren't the only colossal snacks you can find in Oz.

We recently came across a dude from down under who takes his love affair with food to new heights, literally.

Meet Cal "Hulksmashfood" Stubbs.

Stubbs considers stuffing his face with food to be a delicious sport, and when it comes to smashing hamburgers, this competitive eater is pretty much the Aussie version of the Incredible Hulk.

Yep, this hungry Hulk certainly knows a thing or two about showing off some impressive buns -- you definitely won't find him chowing down on a boring Big Mac.

For Stubbs, it's go big or go home, and he conquers all sorts of epic, sky-high burger creations that look like something from your wildest, not to mention fattest, dreams.

Before taking on each meat monstrosity, Stubbs snaps all sorts of delectable #foodporn photos to showcase his surreal, super-sized snacks. Just seeing a couple of these badass burgers will definitely inspire you to step up your eating game.

Try not to drool on your keyboard as you check out some of these insane burgers below.

Meet Cal "Hulksmashfood" Stubbs.

Stubbs is a competitive eater from Australia who dominates all sorts of insane burgers.

There's no burger creation that's too big or over the top for this hungry dude.

Seriously, just look at the size of these crazy burger creations.

This hungry dude posts all of his mind-blowing meals on his #foodporn filled Instagram account.

And so far, he's made us drool over "The Burglaki" created by Meat In The Middle...

...the double doughnut topped "Timetable Burger" from Easey's...

...the heart attack inducing "Hang Ten Marco"...

..."The Pig" from Burgled Burgers in Oakleigh...

...this spicy "Red Hulk" from Hello Sam...

...the sky-high "Saucy German"...

...the monstrous "Quadzilla" burger...

...and this bougie "Breakfast Beast" from Burgled Burgers in Carrum.

Stubbs is such a mean, green, eating machine, he even has a burger named in his honor at Cafe 51.