'House Of Cards' Posters Using Real Presidential Slogans Are Spot-On

When it comes to beating out the competition on Election Day, every presidential candidate knows you have to make yourself stand out from the other politicians in the running.

Therefore, having an awesome, catchy slogan can really make or break you when it comes to creating a memorable campaign.

If there's one person who knows a thing or two about beating out the competition, it's fictitious political powerhouse Frank Underwood.

At the end of season two of Netflix's "House of Cards," Frank left us wondering how he was going to execute his transition as president.

While most of Frank's strategies might be unseen by the public eye, the geniuses over at Mashable decided to give this conniving "House of Cards" character a little help in the PR department by coming up with some new campaign slogans.

Mashable's illustrator, Bob Al-Green, just created some "House of Cards" campaign posters featuring none other than the infamous Frank Underwood and his lovely lady, Claire.

All of the posters are inspired by slogans from past (and current) presidents, and if one thing is for sure, these imaginative works of art will definitely make Frank your new favorite presidential candidate.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these awesome "House of Cards" campaign posters.

Fateful Frank Underwood.

Underwood for the USA, every day.

Forget HOPE, Frank is all about that power.

Underwood is always on top.

One word says it all.

First Lady Claire will keep you in the clear.

The opposition is no match for Underwood.

Hillary has nothing on this leading lady.

There's no doubt you'll thank Frank.