Honest Wine Labels Reveal The Harsh Truths About Our Drinking Habits (Photos)

There are not many things in life women love more than wine.

A girl can always count on her bottled BFF to be there after a long day, and the best part about wine is it never judges you.

Yep, wine has seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly, yet it never brings up the fact you binge drink in your pajamas on a regular basis. Now that's what you call a true friend.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if your beloved vino wasn't afraid to get real and started giving you a dose of reality along with your drink?

Recently, VinePair set out to create a series of imaginary wine labels that are done playing Mr. Nice Grape and have no problem being brutally honest with you about your wine drinking habits.

These hilarious labels address everything from drunk tweeting to bitching about work to booty calling your lover.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these blunt bottles of wine.

Finally, wine labels that aren't afraid to give it to you straight.

I always love whining after a long day of work.

LOL. What dignity?

Drinking and tweeting is never a good combo. #Regrets

If only vodka came with the same warning.

Seriously, who needs a boyfriend when you have wine and Netflix?

A real buzz is always better than a caffeine buzz.

You don't know me, wine.

Chardonnay is always the perfect way to drown your sorrows.

You just might want to find a pitcher.

There's nothing like a glass of Merlot alongside a mental breakdown...

...or a booty call to your ex. Same thing, right?

Let's be real, you know you're finishing that bottle.

If only every day could be Wine Wednesday.

Nothing beats Sauvignon and Seamless with a side of Facebook stalking your ex's new girlfriend.

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