Henna Contouring Is The Next Gorgeous Makeup Trend You Just Have To Try (Photos)

Contouring is without a doubt one of the greatest makeup tricks ever invented.

With a little strategically placed bronzer and some highlighter, you can achieve almost anything: a perfectly sculpted bone structure, a straighter nose or even a faux boob job.

In a way, it's almost like a damn magic trick in the form of makeup.

Recently, makeup artists Sahur Saleim and Shahina Aslam set out to take their cheekbones to new heights by replacing the traditional contouring techniques with some henna-inspired brushstrokes.

Using fine-tip brushes, these artists start out by highlighting their foreheads, noses, chins and the areas under their eyes with all sorts of stunning henna designs. Then, they switch over to darker shades of makeup and use the fine-tip brushes to contour their cheeks, temples and the sides of their noses with gorgeous swirling patterns.

After they're done turning their skin into makeup masterpieces, they blend everything together and end up with fabulously contoured faces.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this amazing henna-inspired contouring technique.

This may look like a henna tattoo...

...but it's actually the newest way to contour your face.

Created by Sahur Saleim and Shahina Aslam, henna contouring ditches the normal makeup brushstrokes for some seriously mesmerizing henna designs.

All you have to do is use a fine-tip brush to apply highlighter and bronzer to your face in a series of intricate swirling patterns.

Then, simply blend your henna designs together to achieve a perfectly contoured face.

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