There's Finally A Hello Kitty Cafe In America, And Instagram Is Losing It

Not too long ago, we introduced you to the insanely charming Hello Kitty-themed restaurant.

Unfortunately, that adorable eatery was located all the way over in Hong Kong. So unless you happen to be an international jet-setter, there's a good chance you've probably been suffering from a severe case of food FOMO.

That is, until now. Yep, your days of settling for boring, regular restaurants are about to become a thing of the past because the first Hello Kitty cafe just opened in America, and it's basically all of your childhood dreams come true.

I know, what a time to be alive.

Located in the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, California, this precious pop-up shop is actually made out of a shipping container that unfolds to reveal a glorious, pink-coated world of Hello Kitty cuteness.

Around this beguiling bistro, you'll find all sorts of Instagram-worthy decorations. Plus, this place also serves up a wide range of tasty treats and sweet sips inspired by your beloved little cat.

The menu offers everything from artisanal sodas and bow-clad baked goods to mouthwatering lattes topped with feline foam art and HK-inspired petit fours that serve as the purrfect food porn.

Seriously, everything about this place is pretty much guaranteed to make you squeal with delight.

Check out the pictures below to see this awesome Hello Kitty Cafe:

 If you happen to be a major Hello Kitty fanatic...'ll be glad to know the first Hello Kitty-themed cafe just opened up in Irvine, California.

This charming cafe has all sorts of super Instagrammable photo ops.

And it even lights up at night because what on Earth could be better than a giant, glowing version of this cuddly cartoon cat?

If you're wondering what's on the menu at this glorious cafe...

... it has all sorts of tasty treats inspired by none other than your beloved Sanrio character.

You can spend the day sipping on artisanal sodas and teas served up in HK cups...

Get a cute AF kick of caffeine with some Portola Coffee Lab beverages...

...or score a drink topped in feline foam art that's guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It also has a variety of dainty desserts...

So you can satisfy your Hello Kitty hunger with a delightful apple pie...

A hella purrfect kitty cat cookie...

A delicious pocket pie that's almost too pretty to eat....

...or a cake decked out in sprinkles and a precious bow.

Seriously, I want that mixed berry tart in my mouth right meow.

If you haven't fainted from excitement yet, it even has bubbly inspired by your favorite cat because why the Hell-o Kitty not?

Yep, this place is basically heaven coated in a magical layer of pink cuteness.

If you're looking for me, I'll be on the next flight to Cali.

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