Breathtaking Video Shows Guy's Epic 3-Year Journey Around The World

Believe it or not, there are people out there brave enough to quit their jobs and travel the world.

We've heard of these success stories before, and quite frankly, they're pretty inspiring.

I mean, who hasn't thought about packing his or her belongings and leaving the past in the past to explore what else the world has to offer?

After all, there are just shy of 200 countries in the world, and your office isn't expensing company retreats to a new one every year!

That's precisely why Walter Chang saved up his money over the course of two and a half years and quit his job to travel the world for three years!

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, we're given a glimpse of his travels. Chang begins telling his story in the video's description,

In 2011 I quit my job after saving up and started to travel around the world. I trekked amazing landscapes, checked off the bucket list, hitchhiked, slept anywhere I could and made countless friends. These are my memories.

Aside from the beautiful video he pieced together, Chang also set up an Instagram account where he posts frequent photos from his journey.

Let's just say after witnessing this peek into Chang's bold move, you'll want to follow suit and fulfill your inner wanderlust!

Check out the video above for a closer look.

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