Meet The Man Who Left His Job To Travel The Whole World With His Piano (Photos)

Around two million people in America quit their jobs in May.

That's according to a report from the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While some people quit because they don't like their bosses, others quit to take higher-paying jobs elsewhere.

Dotan Negrin quit because of wanderlust and his passion for piano playing.

Negrin quit his job in New York City to travel the world with his piano.

From the Swiss Alps and Paris to the Brooklyn Bridge and the cliff-lined Pacific Coast of California, Negrin now manages to pull off incredibly creative and nearly impossible trips.

These days, the piano player posts photos of his adventurous life on Instagram, and he continues to live out his wanderlust-fueled dreams.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

This is Dotan Negrin, a man who quit his job to travel the world.

Negrin's departure from his full-time job allowed him to pursue his passion: playing the piano.

After storing most of his belongings away in a basement, Negrin packed limited clothing, grabbed his travel documents and his piano and jumped into a van.

Now, he travels the world with his piano to play it in front of landmarks and monuments.

He traveled all over the United States, Europe and Mexico.

From the miserable subway stations of New York City...

To the deserts of Nevada...

...and the spacious meadows of El Salvador, he's been everywhere.

His trusty piano sees more of the world than most people ever do.

So far, he managed to visit a total of over 300 cities in over 20 countries.

He hitchhiked.

He dealt with treacherous weather conditions.

But most importantly, he's doing what he loves!

It took a whole lot of time, patience, determination and motivation, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Negrin managed to rack up over 23,000 followers on Instagram by sharing photos of his whereabouts.

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