This Guy's Incredible Hair Makes Him Look Just Like An Anime Character (Photos)

There are some pretty impressive hairdos floating around on the Internet.

But Shaquille Dent, an animation student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, probably has the most insane hairstyle you've ever seen.

Dent has a spiky 'do, making him look like he could be a real-life version of a "Yu-Gi-Oh!" or "Dragon Ball Z" character.

He first discovered his hair could hold this shape back in junior high school, and he's been perfecting this eye-catching look ever since. Dent quickly became a social media sensation after a photo of his anime-inspired hair went viral.

While his hair may look pretty complicated, Dent revealed the upkeep on his spikes is pretty minimal and only requires about two hours of fixing up twice a month.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Dent's awesome anime-inspired hair.

Meet Shaquille Dent.

Dent is an animation major at Cleveland Institute of Art...

...but what really makes this dude stand out is his impressive hair.

Dent has a spiky 'do that looks like something straight out of "Dragon Ball Z."

Now, the Internet is going nuts over Dent's epic anime hair, and people even call him "The Black Goku."

If you ask me, this dude's hair definitely deserves an "A."

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