Guy Walks Around In The Snow To Create Out-Of-This-World Crop Circles (Photos)

If you happened to be in Utah this week, you may have noticed the formation of some strange, snowy crop circles popping around Summit Powder Mountain.

But don't worry, there's no need to start prepping for an alien invasion. While these icy, intricate circles may look out of this world, they weren't created by an extraterrestrial.

Remember when we showed you the crop circle snow art created by Simon Beck?

Well, this British artist is back at it again. This time, he's taking his icy endeavors over the pond and to the back country of Utah's ski resorts.

If you've seen his work before, you know Beck is far from your average brush-wielding artist.

Instead, he prefers to use a cooler medium and swaps out boring paint and canvas for a pair of snowshoes, a compass and a pristine snowfall.

The frosty masterpiece he created this week is the first crop circle installation Beck stomped out in the US. This massive creation spans approximately a quarter-mile square.

You can see this amazing snow art from the Summits Skylodge and the ski lifts, or if you want to get a closer view of this icy creation, you can get to it by a 20-minute snowmobile ride from resort.

Beck's latest snowfield crop circles are nothing short of stunning and will surely put the snow angels you've been making all winter to shame.

These crop circles aren't messages sent from outer space.

They're icy works of art created by Simon Beck.

He used a pair of snowshoes, a compass and a pristine snowfall.

Beck transforms boring old snowfields...

...into icy, intricate art designs.

Beck created over 200 crop circles across the globe.

Beck's latest snowy creation can be found on the slopes of Summit Powder Mountain.

This Utah installation is his first icy endeavor in the US.

And it certainly doesn't disappoint.

This new masterpiece spans an incredible quarter-mile square.

That's a lot of stomping through the snow!

You can see these awesome crop circles from the Skylodge and the ski lifts. If you want a closer look, you can take a 20-minute snowmobile ride out to this slope-side installation.

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