These Futuristic New Guess Jeans Will Slim Your Thighs And Nourish Your Skin

Guess recently unveiled a pant line that Judy Jetson would totally be all over. Using Slimtex technology, the new jeans -- part of the brand's Jeancare line -- promise to streamline your derrière while nourishing your skin.

With ginkgo extract, vitamin E and the soothing scent of lavender and chamomile woven into the fabric, these pants aren't just pants, they're a traveling spa day.

It's not just the high-tech materials that make these jeans seem futuristic. The light-blue color and tapered cut resemble the fashion you'd spot in a sci-fi feature film, as well.

And for $118, the future looks pretty affordable.


As a Guess representative told Mashable,

Everyone owns a piece of denim. You can buy that anywhere. But when you add something different that no one else has, such as ... denim that helps improve your body — that is something not many people can say no to. Denim is forever evolving, and Guess wants to continue to be a pioneer in that market.

Here's to paving the way of the future, one pair of butt-slimming jeans at a time.

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