This 86-Year-Old Grandma Is Quite The Unexpected Instagram Sensation (Photos)

Between the "granny hair" trend, Macklemore donning your granddad's clothes and the growing number of elderly fashion models, it's not hard to see old people are actually becoming cool these days.

Remember when we introduced you to the 86-year-old Baddie Winkle?

If you've seen her social media uploads, you already know she's one of the most badass Gs on the Internet.

But now, she's setting out to conquer the streetwear scene. Recently, this gal landed a gig to be the new face of  Dimepiece LA's “State of Mind” campaign.

The message behind Dimepiece LA's new campaign is pretty simple.

By modeling for Dimepiece LA, Baddie wants "to prove, once again, that you're never too old to be the baddest bish in the room."

Baddie looks damn good for her age, and she rocks everything from Dimepiece LA's swimsuits to fur coats like a true street style boss.

Say "hello" to Baddie Winkle.

This trill grandma is one of the coolest old ladies on the Internet.

So, it's no surprise Dimepiece LA just made her its newest model.

Baddie knows how to roll in style.

And she's an OG flower child who's been rocking the hippie look for a while.

She takes some pretty impressive mirror selfies.

And she doesn't f*ck with basic bitches.

She sinks cups like she's been playing pong since beer was invented.

Whether Baddie is rocking a sexy swimsuit...

Looking smoking in some fur...

Or showing off how much she loves piff...

...Baddie always looks like a street style queen.

And her fierce outfits have been on fleek since day one.

Baddie is the perfect face for the Dimepiece LA campaign.

Because she's not afraid to be herself and she always keeps it real AF.

Plus, she's the hottest member of AARP.

Baddie wants her collab to prove even at her age...

...she's still "the baddest bish in the room."

Keep doing your thing, G-ma.

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