This $500 Gold-Plated Super Soaker Actually Sprays Champagne

Summer is slowly approaching and you know what that means: water gun fights!

Thanks to Lonnie Johnson's genius idea back in 1982, we now have the ability to casually stroll into the nearest toy store and purchase a Super Soaker.

These days, however, people around the world are continuing to push the envelope. Water guns just aren't enough. And water balloons?! What are we, in fifth grade?!

Luckily, some other genius out there decided to reinvent the Super Soaker by creating a champagne machine gun -- and it's the perfect way to turn up your summer.

Jeremy Touitou, the man behind nightlife gear, is responsible for the world's first champagne gun. You can thank him after you empty your piggy bank for $459.

The champagne gun is offered in three different finishes including gold, rose gold and chrome.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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