The Naughtiest Cheerleaders Of All Time

by Julian Sonny

Athletes train their entire lives just to make it to the pro ranks and through this you can see their truly amazing and awe-inspiring work ethic. And similarly you can see this level of dedication of professional cheerleaders. Well kind of.

Simply put it, these girls are professionally hot. They get paid to cheer on their teams and shake that ass. And it should come to no surprise that, similar to pro athletes, there are the rebellious ones.

These are the naughtiest cheerleaders of all time.

10. Molly Maginnis, University of Oregon Cheerleader

Oregon is already notorious enough when it comes to having hot cheerleaders so when one of them gets into trouble, everyone is going to find out. Take for example when then 18-year-old Ducks cheer girl Molly Maginnis was busted for DUI when she was caught parallel parking while completely wasted. It turns out the troubles with the Oregon football team off the field extend to their cheerleaders as well.

9. The Sacramento Kings Cheerleaders

If an award went to the NBA's most DTF cheerleaders, the Sacramento Kings would take the belt. And if you need any evidence, here it is. When these girls aren't performing for a half empty arena, they are getting hammered. But who can blame them? If I lived in Sacramento I would be on one all day too.

8. Orange Coast Cheer Squad

These girls are just a train wreck, man. Not only are they posing like dipshits but they are with some random douche bag. This image went viral and these girls were punished accordingly for not being hotter and drinking cheap beer. Hopefully we never see a re-occurrence of such events any time soon.

7. Arizona State Cheerleaders

If you didn't know by now, there is nothing better than girls from Arizona State. They produce some of the greatest talent consistently every year and we commend them. If this image of six of their cheerleaders doesn't say everything you need to know about them, then you are straight blind or not straight at all. Unfortunately because of this they also shut down the entire cheer squad for an entire year. Bastards!

6. Christy Oglevee, Washington Redskins Cheerleader

You know that age-old rule where players are not supposed date cheerleaders? Well they don't really care. Take former Redskins cheerleader Christy Oglevee for example. She managed to bag herself a player on the team, and not just any player. Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley who she managed to get a ring from. After the team found out they had to release her, but now she enjoys life as a football housewife with anything she wants. Not a bad trade off.

5. Caitlin Davis, New Englans Patriots Cheerleader

In a case of 'she may have been a little too young' 18-year-old Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis learned the hard way that she needed a little more growing up to do. But for a girl of that age to make an NFL cheer squad is truly a feat and a testament to her hotness. And to top it off she was heavily involved in community service. Perfect girl right? Gas. Caitlin was pictured drawing all over her passed out friend, including some swastikas, which was terrific. She was promptly kicked off the team. Rookie.

4. Courtney Simpson, Arizona State University Cheerleader

As a former member of the Arizona State cheer squad, you know Courtney Simpson was destined for greatness. After moving on from her school she decided to use her vast talents she learned while at ASU to pursue porn. And that she did. In fact she even wore her uniform in her scenes! The school understandably went crazy and had the producer reverse the photo so it said "USA" instead of "ASU" and blurred anything else that might associate with it.

3. Becca Mann, University of Lousiville Cheerleader

The Louisville Cardinals cheer squad won the national championship thanks to a great performance by Becca Mann. But it wasn't until her performance after her cheerleading routines that gave her notoriety. I'm talking about some pretty hardcore pics that were released online from a 'stolen' hard drive. Very naught, Rebecca. Naughty, naughty.

2. The Fab Five, High School Cheerleaders

Look, not all of these girls are of legal age so we can't show you these images. But wow do I wish I went to high school with girls like these. The Fab Five, as they were known, were five popular cheerleaders who released a bunch of bawdy photos at a condom store with the behavior to match. These high school girls were the stereotypical mean girls, but with an interesting wrinkle: their ringleader was the principal's daughter. Talk about jail-bait that really might get you thrown in jail.

1. Renee Thomas & Angela Keathley, Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders

Talk about heaven sent. This could possibly be the greatest thing to have ever happened. Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were caught having sex. With each other. In the bathroom stall. They pointed out by some fugly chick waiting to shit and the rest is history. Let the girls scissor, okay? There is literally nothing more natural and aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. They were arrested and disbanded from the team.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images