The Swedish Jen Selter?: Alexandra Bring Is The New Fitness Sensation From Sweden (Photos)

Eventually, winter's going to come to an end. Unfortunately, that won't be today or tomorrow, but soon. And when it does, you're going to be pissed at yourself for missing out on lost gym time. There are several reasons why you haven't been in the gym: no time, no motivation, no inspiration — there are plenty.

But if you're in need of pure inspiration, allow us to introduce you to Alexandra Bring, a Swedish fitness model who replaced her heels with a pair of Nikes.

Similar to fitness guru, Jen Selter, Alexandra Bring is known for her breathtaking video blogs, detailed fitness routines and mostly her online presence. Bring strives to influence positive fitness habits in those around her.

This is the girl who practically invented the "Yes, I Squat" t-shirt. Can't you tell?! Check out some of her awesome photos below and do yourself a favor — sign up for the gym. It's that time of year!

H/t: Guyism