How A Hot Girl Thinks: Brittney Alger


The vibrant Brittney Alger is a 23 years young commercial model and actress currently signed by an agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hailing from Westlake, Ohio, she left after a short childhood in the state. Brittney is an extensive traveller, living in Nevada, Texas, Mississippi and Miami. 

We sat down with Brittney, a current contestant for Maxim's hometown hottie contest, and asked her a few questions about her day to day life as an aspiring young model:

When a guy asks you "Where are you from?" What is one interesting thing about your hometown or family we wouldn't know?

Besides Maxim's Hometown Hottie contest, what are you doing to pursue your career?

Is Maxim just a stepping stone? Where do you see yourself?

Is modeling your number one priority? What is your true passion?

To those who find modeling vain, what would say to them to convince them modeling is worth it?

If you had to pick the date, where would you go?

What approach should a guy use that grabs your attention right off the bat?

What is the worst pick-up line you've ever heard?

How many drinks before he gets lucky?

Okay moving on; Dinner can get sloppy, what is one food you will never eat in front of a guy?

It seems like guys and girls are always looking to pick up the opposite sex in the wrong places, where should a guy go to pick a girl like you?

Worst date you've ever been on?

Best place to have sex?

Worst style of dress a guy can have?

Your secret vice in the bedroom?