'Girls With Gluten' Shows Women Giving Zero F*cks About Eating Carbs (Photos)

There's an Instagram account for just about anything.

Whether you're interested in staring at photos of Kanye "doing things" or photos of models allegedly "pretending" to eat food, Instagram has it all.

The Girls with Gluten Instagram account even further proves my point. And it's exactly what it sounds like -- photos of women stuffing their faces with glutenous foods.

This account wants you to know there are women out there who don't fear gluten and don't mind indulging in public displays of affection with it.

Why does this account exist? I don't know, but it does.

Check out the photos below for a closer look at some girl-on-gluten action!

It's true. There's an Instagram account dedicated to photos of women eating gluten.

The account is simply called Girls with Gluten.

So far, the account managed to rack up over 23,000 followers.

I guess its's safe to say people really enjoy looking at pictures of girls eating carbs.

Some of them are celebrities and models...

...such as Kendall Jenner.

Others are seemingly random submissions by unknowns.

The food selections vary from pizza and cheeseburgers to cookies and cakes.

But it's mostly pizza.

Girls LOVE pizza!

To be featured, all you have to do is tag your gluten-filled photo with #girlswithgluten.

If selected, you'll be featured alongside other women who have no shame in their gluten games.

It's like a museum for gluten girls. I shall nickname it... the Glutenheim!

If someone wanted to make a parody account of this account, all he or she would have to do is take photos sans food.

However, it'd be pretty pointless. I mean, what's a foodie photo without the food?!

Even the emoji are made out of gluten.

Because why not?

The best part about this whole thing? It's for all ages! Even the little ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get you some gluten. Even Rihanna likes it!

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