Adorable One-Armed Pet Toad Probably Has A Cooler Life Than You

When you think of Instagramming your adorable little pet, you probably don't think of your pet being a toad.

And I'm assuming you most certainly don't think of your pet being a one-armed toad!

However, that's exactly what one new Instagram account is offering up, and it'll most likely make you smile.

Meet Sir Pudgington, also known as Pudge, the one-armed toad that has over 6,000 followers on Instagram and is probably cooler than you. This little, disabled toad was discovered by a Florida-based 11-year-old named Ashton Stalvey.

According to Design Taxi, Ashton was on a late-night walk with her dad when she spotted Pudge, off in the corner moving around in circles. That's when she discovered he had one arm and rescued him.

The 11-year-old had the brilliant idea to make Pudge an Instagram sensation by setting him up for shots accompanied by all sorts of little trinkets and props.

The results? Pure awesomeness, of course.

I mean, if you're not following Sir Pudgington on the 'Gram, then what are you doing?

This is Sir Pudgington, also known as Pudge.

At first sight, you probably think to yourself: "Oh, someone created an Instagram account for a toad."

He might look like a normal little toad...

...but his story is actually quite special.

Knowing the history behind Ashton and the toad's friendship...

...just makes the Instagram account that much more enjoyable.

Before, Pudge could only move in circles...

...but now he's moving straight to the top (of Instagram stardom).

Most of the time, he's surrounded by miniature props.

As you can see here, he's cooking it up in the kitchen.

Oh, you know, just being a pirate for the day. No big deal!

It's his birthday, and he'll eat watermelon if he wants to.

He'll also hide out in the trash without a care in the world.

 Brunchin' with friends is a weekend ritual.

And, in case you were wondering -- yes, Pudge is smooth with the ladies!


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