Lindsey Bonnice

You Don't Know Cute Until You've Seen This 2-Year-Old And Her Pet Pig (Photos)

Nothing is stronger than the bond shared between children and their beloved pets.

But whoever said your childhood companion had to be a cat or dog has clearly never seen the friendship that exists between a baby girl and her pet pig.

Prepare yourself, things are about to get ridiculously cute.

Meet 2-year-old Libby and her precious little piggy, Pearl.

These two are pretty much inseparable. I guess you could say they're like two peas in a pod (or two pigs in a pen).

Their undeniable bond has not gone unnoticed, and Libby's mother, who also happens to be a photographer, has set out to capture the adorable adventures of these baby BFFs by creating one of the most charming Instagram accounts of all time.

Whether these two are lounging around in their pink PJs on a lazy Sunday, sipping tea during high noon or simply playing dress up, all of these pictures have something in common: There's an overwhelming amount of pastel pink-packed cuteness.

So why exactly did Libby's parents decide to opt for a pet pig?

Well, in a recent interview with Huffington Post, Libby's mother revealed,

Libby has been obsessed with pigs for about six months now, always wanting to see pictures of them and watch videos on our phones. So, after lots of research and hearing wonderful things about these sweet guys we decided that adding a pig to our family would be great.

It's safe to say everyone can be glad this family chose Pearl over your average domesticated pet. Bringing these two together was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to social media.

Seriously, these pictures might make you squeal with delight.

This is 2-year-old Libby.

This baby girl loves pigs.

So her parents got her a little piggy companion named Pearl.

These little ones share a special bond.

And they're pretty much inseparable.

Not to mention, they're ridiculously adorable.

Sometimes they like to lounge around in pink PJs.

Other times they like to play dress up...

...and have fabulous tea parties.

No matter what kind of adventure these two go on... can always be sure of two things.

First, these two will look downright adorable.

And second, all of their precious pictures will be filled with lots of pastel pink.

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