20 Mind-Blowing GIFs To Stare At While You're High On 420

Let's face it: We all celebrate 420 differently!

While some of us are brave enough to take part in obscure stoner activities, like the 420 race, some of us would rather kick back at home and binge-watch all of our favorite shows while ripping the bong like a madman. We all have our personal preferences.

There are also smaller activities to take part in, too, like staring at GIFs that drive you insane while high, duh!

Just because it's 420 doesn't mean you won't find yourself in a super awkward situation, forcing you to stare down at your phone to avoid anyone making eye contact with your bloodshot sclera.

In the event that you absolutely have to be social today, make sure you have these 25 GIFs ready to keep you occupied on 420:

Let's start with this classically-awesome, multi-colored tunnel GIF.

If you thought that was trippy...

This vomit-inducing piece of classical art should do the trick!

Exploding watermelon in slow motion, anyone?

Why watch fireworks on TV when you can capture the whole thing with your drone?

There's nothing quite as abstract as this perfect loop.

...or the perfect pass!

This stunt, however, wasn't so perfect.

420: When playing Super Mario in real life actually seems possible.

Feeling awkward? It doesn't get any more awkward than this "Broad City" GIF.

Who knew shooting a gun underwater would look so sweet?

Look out below!

Mind-blowing? This dunk...

How is this even possible?

A human equipped with jetpack vs. two fighter jets:

When was the last time you saw something this carefully coordinated?

Here's what it's like to skydive into a pool party.

This cat looks like it's skydiving through space...

And this dog, well, I would assume this is what doing hard drugs is like.

Anyone down to glide between two buildings in a wing suit?