Frozen Waves Crashing Into The Beach Look Like Massive Slurpees (Photos)

It's no secret this winter has been colder than most.

I can't speak for the entire country, but I can confirm New England is still buried in snow (as my Rhode Island-based mother informs me), and the ice situation in New York has gotten out of hand.

Moral of the story: Winter sucks.

There is an upside to the brutal cold, however. The production of frozen waves is possibly the coolest (literally) thing you'll ever see.

Nantucket-based photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh managed to capture images of the incredible phenomenon, which he's been posting to his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

When the wave peaks, its texture and body look similar to those of a Slushee. They're sort of pebbly looking with rounded edges, and they're almost entirely opaque.

It's beautiful and incredibly rare to see ocean water freeze in this manner.

Our only complaint: We wish there were a video showing the waves' movement because we cannot get enough of this.

See the photos below, and head to Nimerfroh's Instagram page for more of his beautiful seascape photography.

Incredible. Nantucket photographer @jdnphotography captures nearly frozen waves on camera. — The Boston Calendar (@TheBostonCal) February 26, 2015
The surf in Nantucket is turning into Slurpee! See more slushy wave porn by @jdnphotography at — Stay Wild (@staywildmag) February 25, 2015
@ACKblACKbook This one almost froze completely! Look for more photos real soon on my Instagram @jdnphotography — Jonathan Nimerfroh (@JDNPHOTOGRAPHY) February 26, 2015
"Coolest" Wave Photos I've seen in awhile. Big shout to @JDNPHOTOGRAPHY for FREEZING time with these pics #Nantucket — Nantucket blACKbook (@ACKblACKbook) February 26, 2015

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