20 Times Fortune Cookies Completely Let You Down

Everyone knows the best part of ordering Chinese food is the dessert. And no, I'm not talking about choking down one of those tasteless wafers that should basically be ashamed to call themselves cookies.

I'm talking about uncovering the little piece of paper inside those inconspicuous fortune cookie shells.

Yep, there's nothing more satisfying than finishing off your lo mein, breaking one of these bad boys open and getting a sugar-coated glimpse of what lies ahead in your life.

But if you're someone who stuffs your face with Chinese food on the reg, you may have noticed that not all fortune cookies are created equal.

Yep, while some cookies might give you groundbreaking life advice or even teach you how to speak Chinese, there are other cookies out there that could definitely use a bit of work in the fortune-telling department.

Whether you find fortune cookies that make absolutely no sense or promising little pieces of paper that turn out to be sneaky advertisements, there are a lot of fortune cookies that seem like they could actually be some sort of cruel practical joke.

So we set out to find some of the most disappointing fortune cookies of all time and, trust me, once you see some of these mediocre fortunes, you'll feel a whole lot better about your own future.

Check out the pictures below to see all the times fortune cookies completely let us down.

The future seems clear now, thanks to this fortune that make no damn sense whatsoever.

Who knew spring rolls were the key to happiness all along?

I wasn't really planning on it, but thanks anyway, fortune cookie.

Talk about a serious fortune cookie letdown.

This person clearly knows how to pick 'em.

But hey, at least these fortune cookies are consistently shitty.

I'm pretty sure this fortune is referring to the food at Panda Express.

This might be the laziest cookie of all time.

May your future be as bright as this weather forecast.

My bad, fortune cookie.

Wow, this cookie must be psychic or something.

Who knew we've been eating our fortune cookies wrong this whole time?

Way to state the obvious.

Good news: According to this cookie, you can read.

Oh and don't worry about the apocalypse looming in the near future because time zones.

It's pretty bad when even a fortune cookie knows you don't have your shit together.

Who knew a simple wafer cookie could be so wise?

At least this cookie is keeping it real.

Thank you fortune cookie, you're so insightful.

This might be the most solid piece of advice we've seen yet.