Tequila-Infused Chocolate Exists And It'll Make Your Night Out So Much Sweeter

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

As if you needed another excuse to drink tequila, July 24 is National Tequila Day. And though the holiday is nearly done, that's no excuse to skip out on celebrating the smooth, woodsy Mexican spirit. But if you're not a fan of shooting it with lime and salt, Sugarfina has come to your rescue with a spicy tequila-infused chocolate bar, so you can have your tequila and eat it, too.

Part of Sugarfina's ongoing collaboration with George Clooney-owned premium tequila company Casamigos, the bar is "made with rich dark chocolate, a splash of Casamigos Añejo Tequila, spicy chipotle chilies and smoked sea salt." It sounds like the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and spicy -- especially with Casamigos's golden, smoothy, woodsy añejo, which is aged for 14 months in whiskey barrels.

Just imagine: you're at the bar with friends, and they all scream for a round of tequila shots. You, a genius, have packed a bar of Sugarfina's tequila chocolate. Your friends, fools, have not.

So while they're licking salt off of their dirty hands and sucking on limes that may or may not have been washed, you're going to be enjoying the heat and richness of chocolate on your tongue while the fire of a nice tequila swirls around in your mouth.

Your friends will be begging you to tell them where you got your chocolate, but you don't have to tell them.

Unless they offer to buy you a shot.

Then you can tell them that they can buy their own tequila-infused candy on Sugarfina's website -- along with a bunch of other infused candies. (Rosé gummies, anyone?)

No matter which way you spin it -- whether on a night out with friends or just because you like chocolate and tequila -- Sugarfina and Casamigos's chocolate bar will make your days and nights sweeter, no bottle needed.