Starbucks' New Mason Jar Coffee Cups Are The Hipster Touch Your Insta Needed

by Tim McGovern

As a hipster, it is my dream to be cremated after I die (like duh! Would I really get cremated before I die?) and for my remains to be placed inside a mason jar along with some kombucha and soy milk.

Hey, don't judge. Respect the dead and their wishes.

If you're looking to turn your basic obsession with Starbucks into hipster art for your Instagram, then do I have the cup option for you!

Starbucks gifted Singapore with some cold brew last summer and now, you can permanently have your cold brew poured in some dank mason jars.

It'll only cost you either $6.30 or $4.20, depending on which size you get.

Unfortunately for all of you coffee addicts living in the US, you can only get these in Singapore.

As I type this, I assume thousands of my diehard readers will soon book their trip to Singapore after learning you can only get this black-capped mason jar there.

You're welcome, the Republic of Singapore's Tourism Department. You can Venmo me... or send me one of those cool mason jars for non-cremation-related reasons.

OK, so I might hold on to one to satisfy my hipster burial wishes. But I'm going to drink a lot of cold brew out of it before it's used before that.

I mean, I might just have to go to Singapore to get these cups in bulk. Look how cool they look in black and white!

Ugh, so classy.

While South Korea already has green-capped Starbucks mason jars, green doesn't really go with the rest of my wardrobe.

I'm all about black and blue.

Will you take the trip to the island city?

Let me rephrase that question: Are you dedicated enough to your Instagram account to make the trip to the island city?

If you do, buy three or four or 500 for me, would you?

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