Oreo Continues To Change The Game By Offering A Bizarre 'Limeade' Flavor (Photos)

In the Oreo's quest to be the best and most versatile cookie of all time, Nabisco has now created a Limeade flavor.

Normal Oreos taste delicious, and the company knows it. But now and then, Nabisco sneaks these weird, unique flavors into our favorite snack, and we actually buy into them, for some reason.

The Oreo has taken on some strange flares in recent years, but I'd say Limeade is definitely the strangest so far.

Other Oreo flavors like Fruit Punch and Watermelon don't sound particularly scrumptious, either, but at least those are relatively normal flavors in the grand scheme of flavors.

Limeade is a limited edition flavor spotted on shelves by The Impulsive Buy reader Sascha. I feel like it might taste like a key lime pie, which isn't the worst thing in the world.

At the end of the day, though, I prefer the chocolate and cream. It's far too classic.

Photos Courtesy: Junk Food Guy