This Delicious New Way To Eat Rosé Will Give You Major Instagram Goals

Our love affair with rosé has reached a new high.

This unique way to savor our beloved ~pink~ vino lets us rosé all freaking day long in the most delicious and Instagram-worthy way.

Let's flashback to when those rosé gummy bears literally broke the internet, selling out in just two hours.

Will this latest rosé fad top the gummy bear craze?

Wine lovers, it's time to REJOICE because it should be sweet music to your ears when I tell you rosé wine chocolate is actually a thing.

That exists. On this earth.

Just look at this fabulous bar looking super chic in pink.


It's the ultimate treat to accompany your favorite glass of rosé.

Shoutout to Compartes Chocolatier for combining two of my favorite things — chocolate and rosé. For that, you guys are seriously my heroes.

The geniuses over at Compartes have an insane selection of chocolate bars that are straight up Instagram goals.

This divine animal cookie chocolate bar will be sure to bring you back to your childhood.

Starting off the morning with donuts and coffee sounds like a pretty awesome idea to me, am I right?

The campfire bar is basically everything I love about summer in a chocolate.

And who could pass up this matcha green tea chocolate bar? It looks simply heavenly.

BRB guys, going to stock up on rosé chocolate bars for the rest of the summer before they sell out.

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