Some Genius Just Created Milk That Can Change Flavors With Every Sip

Everyone knows you shouldn't cry over spilt milk.

However, there's a new type of milk out there that would definitely make you shed a tear or two if it ended up on the floor.

Recently, a retired chemistry professor-turned-milk entrepreneur named Larry Martin set out to shake up the boring old beverage scene with a colorful new dairy invention called Shaka.

Thanks to Martin's newest product, you can now enjoy several different flavors of milk all in one single glass. That's right, this genius figured out to how create a dairy beverage that changes flavors with each scrumptious sip.

So, how exactly does this multifaceted Shaka milk work?

Unlike regular flavored powders and syrups, Shaka doesn't dissolve in your milk. You just pour in the packets of chocolate- and strawberry-flavored powder, and they form horizontal layers of plain, chocolate and strawberry milk.

Even if you shake the whole thing up, the flavors still don't blend. Instead, the Shaka just transforms into a bunch of globules chock-full of delicious chocolate and strawberry flavoring.

The flavors stay separate thanks to one secret ingredient: gelatin. After spending a year working on this delicious project in the lab, Martin finally found the perfect ratio of gelatin to flavoring for his formula, and Shaka was born.

Martin has already tested out more than 30 different possible flavor variations Shaka, and if one thing is for sure, this patent-pending drink technology is definitely going to give that Nesquik rabbit a hop for his money.

Check out the video to get a closer look at Martin's flavor-changing milk.

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