KFC Just Made An Edible Coffee Cup That's Worth Getting Up For (Photos)

Nothing beats having that first, piping hot mug of coffee in the morning.

But have you ever come across a cup of java that is so divine you just think to yourself, "Wow, this coffee is so delicious, I wish I could just devour the whole cup"?

Well, thanks to KFC, you can now have your coffee and eat it too.

The Colonel is back at it again with another crazy frankenfood creation, and you'll be glad to know this one doesn't involve swapping out buns for two slabs of fried chicken.

Instead, KFC just unveiled a new edible coffee cup to go along with its recent adoption of Seattle's Best Coffee.

That's right, after you get your caffeine fix, you can now chow down on that tasty coffee mug.

This new culinary container, named the Scoff-ee Cup, is a cup-shaped biscuit decked out in some sugar paper and heat-resistant white chocolate to keep the cup rigid.

But it doesn't stop there.

KFC has also infused different aromas into these cups like Coconut Sun Cream, Freshly Cut Grass and Wild Flowers to "enhance" the coffee-drinking experience.

I guess it's pretty safe to assume KFC couldn't decide whether it wanted to invent a cup, a new type of cookie or a scented candle, so the company just combined everything into one seriously strange mashup.

Sadly, if you want to get your hands on a Scoff-ee Cup, you'll need to perfect that charming British accent and skip across the pond because these bizarre cups are only being sold in the UK.

Although, after looking at a real picture taken by a customer, you might be happy about that.

Take a look at the pictures below to see KFC's new edible coffee cup.

The Scoff-ee Cup may seem like your average coffee-drinking vessel.

But with this new cup, you can have your coffee and literally eat it too.

This edible cup is crafted with biscuit, sugar paper and heat-resistant white chocolate.

And there are some added some aromas, like Fresh Cut Grass, for good measure.

This cup doesn't look half bad in the pictures.

But like most of KFC's frankenfood creations...

...the pictures look a lot different from real life.

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