Ice Cream Served On Giant Cotton Candy Clouds Will Make Your Insta Heavenly


Ice cream is sacred.

It's arguably the most delicious treat ever created, and it deserves to be handled only with the utmost care.

No one has adopted that level of respect for ice cream better than Room For Dessert.

The cafe in the Philippines specializes in premium soft-serve ice cream enveloped in "delicious fairy floss."

What a fun way to refer to cotton candy!

Yup, the cafe surrounds a cone or cup with a giant cloud of sugary cotton candy and then tops it with ice cream.

It's as if the ice cream is literally resting on a big, majestic pillow of fluffy cotton candy.

If I ever had the luxury of going to this cafe, I would 100 percent lay down on these bad boys and take a big fat nap...

...and then I would wake up and eat them.

I don't think I've ever seen something so beautiful.

They handle these beauties with such care.


I do have one question, though... do you actually go about eating these things?

Do you just chomp into it like the sugar-crazed monster that you know you really are...

Or stare at it until you and your ice cream become one with each other...

...or maybe insert your entire head into the cloud of cotton candy, only to never come out again?

Despite its name, Room For Dessert, the first cafe of its kind to open in Cebu, does offer other options besides sugary treats.

You can order hot and iced coffee, fruit smoothies and a variety of sandwiches, along with those amazing cotton candy clouds of ice cream.

Since I don't live in the Philippines, there's a very good chance I will one day attempt to MacGyver one of these suckers myself at home (I can almost guarantee this will happen at around 3 am after a night of drinking, and it will not end well).

Consider this my PSA to bring this deliciousness to America.

Pretty please, with ice cream on top!

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