There's A Genius Way To Get Big Macs For Half Off And You Need To Try It

by Becca Van Sambeck
Getty Images

Show me someone who doesn't like Big Macs, and I'll show you a liar.

McDonald's isn't just food — it's an entirely different category of being.

It's joyous Heaven wrapped up in deliciousness and salt, fat and a high chance of a heart attack.

I love it.


While one of the major perks of McDonald's is the fact it's super cheap, we aren't going to say no to a method that gives us Big Macs for half off. A dollar is still a dollar, dammit.

So how do you go about getting this glorious bargain? The answer, most likely, is lying in your trash bin.

Yes, you need to keep your receipt to access this deal.

I know, it already seems like way more trouble than it's worth, but c'mon!

Hold onto that annoying piece of paper and you can get TWO Big Macs instead of one, since you know your annoying friend who says she "doesn't eat McDonald's" is going to eat half of the original one anyway.

So on your receipt, you'll see a code inviting you to go to Food For Thought.

Once you're there, it'll ask you to answer a few questions about your McDonald's experience, and then you'll receive the golden ticket — a code for a Big Mac and fries, 50 percent off.

I bravely sacrificed my salad lunch to try the trick out myself, but my receipt directed me to a different website. It was the same process, although at the end, I received a code for a Quarter Pounder or Egg McMuffin.


Was I disappointed? Please, McDonald's is McDonald's.

So you might not get the Big Mac offer on your receipt, but rest assured, you'll get some sort of delicious prize on there.

You don't even have to order more than a water bottle to get a receipt with a code on it.


Sure, you have to take a few moments of your time to access it. It's hard work, I get it.

Celebrate all that effort with your free Quarter Pounder, OK?

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