6 Ways To Get In A Better Mood By Changing What You Eat

I think we've all been in a bit of a rut these past few weeks.

The holidays don't help, and if you live in a place with seasons, we're getting to the ones that really suck.

So, it's more important than ever to take care of yourself physically and mentally, and your diet influences both.

Here are six mood-boosting foods that will help you bounce back to your lively self:

1. Eat your favorite thing.

Taste and smell are huge triggers for memories.

Is there a food that always makes you feel better? What did you eat on your favorite birthday?

Spark some good vibes with a meal that you associate with happiness and avoid what you were eating when your parents told you they were getting divorced.

Tip: Order in with a friend who is also bummed out. Two bouts of sadness equal a pretty decent night. That's just physics!

2. Wine and chocolate

Isn't this just getting drunk and sugar high? Nope!

It's loading up on antioxidants, baby! Scientists in Switzerland discovered dark chocolate may help lower stress levels, and have you ever heard of anyone having a bad day in Napa? No, it's impossible.

Tip: What goes great with alcohol? Endorphins!

Being active is one of the best ways to knock out a real bummer mood. Get a good buzz on, put on Beyoncé and dance that despondency right out of there.

3. Lots of carbs

It's hard to feel empty inside if you're all filled up with pasta! Research has shown that eating carbs can encourage serotonin production, making you feel happier.

Other studies showed turning down a breadbasket can promote depression and outbursts in restaurants.

Tip: Whether it's a baguette, bagels, banana bread or cornbread, gather your favorite breads together, google “Atkins Diet” and laugh maniacally at all these dorks who don't get to eat carbs!

4. Fish

Omega-3 found in fish has been linked with the brain chemical dopamine, otherwise known as the pleasure chemical.

So, make a night of it! Text that guy who's been trying to take you out, and maybe get some extra dopamine later!

Oysters have omega-3 fatty acids, and they are also an aphrodisiac (just saying).

Tip: There are so many ways to get omega-3. I mean, have you tried a sushi burrito yet? Throw together some shrimp, scallops, clams and mussels, and call it a night.

5. Fruits and vegetables

I mean, duh. Eating brightly colored, real foods will ultimately brighten your mood.

Look at that happy little broccoli! It has enough folic acid to boost your serotonin levels even more.

And what about that vibrant strawberry? With all those complex carbohydrates, you can seriously boost your brain activity.

Get those fruits and vegetables in your tummy ASAP, and let the vitamins absorb into your vibes.

Tip: I know, they're so boring. Maybe make a smoothie?

You can also sneak some spinach in there with bananas and peanut butter to try to forget they're there.

6. Something spicy

When you eat spicy foods, your body can sweat and your breath can quicken. It's almost like you're being a productive, active person!

Biting into something spicy can also cause an endorphin release.

Most peppers also contain a compound called capsaicin, which has medical uses like pain relief. Basically, you can't be sad when you're eating spicy food!

Tip: Maybe you're too depressed to cook today. Take some leftovers and douse them in Sriracha!

While eating the spicy version of what you had yesterday, your taste buds will be so alarmed, you'll forget you were even sad!

When you're all done with this list, go back to the top and order that happy food again and get cozy.

And remember, better days are just around the grocery store.