Your Ice Cream Pint Will Never Melt Mid-Scoop With This Genius Thermos Hack

Tatjana Ristanic

Ice cream is a delightful summer treat — minus the fact that it melts within minutes, so enjoying a scoop can feel a little rushed. However, Twitter user Donald Li has discovered a way to get around that formerly inevitable melt using a Yeti cup and some ice. He tweeted his genius thermos ice cream hack on Sunday, Aug. 6, and casually blew the rest of Twitter's minds all week.

Li's now-viral tweet featured four photos of his newly discovered thermos trick. By the way, a pint of ice cream can fit inside a thermos. Who knew? He wrote,

Pint of ice cream fits perfectly into a Yeti cup. I think my life has peaked now. (Bonus ice at the bottom makes it extra cold)

And it's the parenthesized bonus that is extra mind-blowing. Adding a layer of ice to the bottom of your Yeti cup keeps the ice cream cold. In hindsight, it feels like I should've already known this, but Li has truly opened my eyes.

Even if you don't want to put an entire pint of your favorite ice cream in a thermos, you could use the same method for, say, a scoop or two and take your time to savor every spoonful. GENIUS.

The rest of Twitter is still recovering from such a pro tip.

Like, whoa.

Innovation at its finest.


Ice cream everywhere, all the time.

What was life like before I knew you could fit a pint of ice cream in a thermos and keep it cold? I don't remember. All I know is, there's a high chance I'll be swapping my coffee for dessert from now until... it's too cold to do so.

Considering Uber is doing Free Cone Fridays until the end of the summer, this feels like a great time eat all the ice cream.