Edible Flowers Make Food Insta-Worthy, But Would You Eat Them?

Foodgrams have always dominated my Insta feed, but lately, I've been seeing a lot more flowers on food. My question is, do people actually eat the flowers?

We've always known there are types of flowers that are edible and there are ways to incorporate them in cooked dishes. Normally, flowers are used like herbs to add subtle accent seasoning or support the main flavor of a dish.

I don't really get the whole throwing them into salads and on top of desserts thing, though.

Sprinkling them on food certainly makes for a pretty food Instagram, but would you actually eat them?

You'd think eating flowers would make food taste like perfume...

...but apparently they add some zing to certain recipes.

This flower-covered dessert looks too pretty to eat.

They can certainly add a pop of color to a fruit salad.

I think I'd brush the flowers off before eating them...

Apparently, some flowers taste spicy!

Edible flowers make any dish look gourmet.

Not all flowers are safe to eat, though... have to make sure they're culinary grade.

Am I looking at doughnuts or a garden of goodness?

You can buy borage flowers like this cute one at farmers markets...

...or you can just grow them yourself.

If you would eat them, what would you put edible flowers on?

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